I was driving to the grocery store, just thinking of everything on my list to do today: taking the children to soccer practice, cleaning the house, getting groceries, getting the oil changed in the car, the list went on and on. I was feeling overwhelmed and was already tired before I had even gotten started.

       On my way to the store I saw something horrible happen!! A train had run into a car that was crossing the tracks. I sickened as I knew, there was no way the driver of that car could have lived.

       I was the closest car to the tracks, so I put my car in park and got out.  I ran over to the car and looked in and could not believe what I was seeing. Tears came to my eyes. In the driver's seat, was a woman, that was obviously dead.

       In the backseat was a baby in it's car seat bleeding everywhere and next to the baby was a little girl who I guessed to be about 4 years old and she was bleeding also. Just then the little girl spoke.
She said, "Is my mommy and baby sister okay?"

       I just looked at her and said "Honey I don't know. There is a doctor on his way right now."

       Just then the little girl started crying, saying, "Don't take my
mommy and my baby sister.... take me with you too.... Please!!"
She was pleading at who knows what, to take her - but take her where?? I asked the little girl who she was talking to and she said, "Don't you see?  That Angel is taking my mommy and my sister. I want to go with them, too. My mommy is waving goodbye to me and she is holding my sister and she is smiling!"

       The little girl started to cry because she did not want to stay, she wanted to go with her mother and her baby sister.

       I felt so sorry for her.  I didn't believe in God and I thought to myself, "Where did an angel come from? What kind of God would take a mommy and a baby and leave this child alone ?"

       At that moment I saw the little girl start to smile so big as she
held her arms out to something, someone to pick her up. I thought to myself that she must be delirious and maybe she is hurt worse than I thought.

       Just then the little girl closed her eyes and slumped over in her seat.

       She was dead!

       I couldn't be sad even though this was a 4 year old little girl that had just died. You wouldn't be sad either if you could see that beautiful smile on her face! I guess her mommy and baby sister came back to get her.

       That was also the day that God came to get me - as that was the day that I became a believer and turned my life over Him.

       Author Unknown