Little Jill

Little Jill (not her real name) was raised by parents who were atheists.  When Jill was 3 years old her dad killed her mother in a drunken rage and turned the gun upon himself.  This was all done in the presence of Jill.

Jill was shifted through the foster care system and wound up with a church going family.  The first Sunday that Jill was in her nursery class the teacher held up a picture of the Saviour and asked the three, four and five year olds if they knew who was in the picture.  Little Jill raised her hand and the Sunday school teacher called on her.  "That's Jesus!" stated little Jill.  The Sunday school teacher knew that this was Jill's first time in church and knew that Jill's dead parents had been atheists.

So she was surprised and questioned Jill:

"How do you know that, my dear?" asked the kindly teacher.

"Because He was the man that held me in His arms the night my daddy killed my mommy." answered sweet little Jill.

Author Unknown


Artist: Walker Fine Art