A Dream for Friendship and Peace


If I could rewrite the world, I would write it with friendship and peace.  This has been the dream of women since the beginning of time.  For man to get along with each other.  Yes, I know woman is the one that started with the apple.  One day there will be no power struggle oh, what a dream.  A world so perfect our children could play in harmony.  No wars, no killing of the innocent.  Mothers would not have to hear of their children being killed in war or on the streets.  Seeing their children slaughtered by hate.  Or children to see their parents killed and left orphans.  Without wars, people would not have to leave their homes or country.  The agony the people have suffered, seeing mutilation and the killing of people through the centuries.  

In my perfect life I could not picture these horrors.  In my dream there would be no hate, countries hating each other because of land, race, and power.  We Americans have been very lucky from a distance of war.  But our nationalities are from all over the world.  We traveled so many years ago to this country to get away from wars, taxes, hate and so much more.  Just to start a new life so we could raise our children in love.  But the wars and hate still followed.  Man against man, brother against brother, race against race.  I am talking about the civil war that is in different countries now and had been in our own.  The war that is in our streets, gangs fighting each other.  Hate and money are murderers.  

In my dream there would be no conflict of race, color and gender.  Yes, we could dream to have the "Eden" that God had intended.  But good old Satan had to intervene with man.  Money has always been the root of evil, never enough.  So here comes the drugs which is one of man downfalls.  They are targeting the youth to lay the ground for their evil ways.  The youth will be our downfall if they don't start realizing what is going on with drugs.  There are so many kids at this time, who have never been in a church or said a prayer.  We need to reach our children.  

Please, work with your youth and give them guidance.  There are so many that are crying out for help.  With both parents working, it is so easy to push them aside.  Parents and friends if you will give your children a little more time.  Think what a better world we would have.  To teach them the value of life, love, respect and prayer.  One day if my dream comes true the world will reunite in friendship and peace.  Think about how wonderful this would be.  To make it your dream too!

by Amelia Anne copyright 3/22/99

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