"Dust on the Bible"

A bright little boy once took the Bible from the center table of his dad's home and turned its dusty pages and said:  "Mother, is this God's Book?" 

"Certainly," was the good mother's reply.  "Well, I think we had better send it back to God, for we don't use it here," said the little fellow. 

This is a fair picture of many a home and the way the Bible is treated.  The center table Bible is a catch-all.  It is a place for relics, letters, poetry and pressed flowers.  He has revealed to us words of truth and grace, and like David, we should meditate upon His word by day and by night.  The Scriptures are sufficient to make us wise unto salvation.  Christ says we are sanctified by them.  Paul says we are begotten by them.  Peter says we are born again by them.

- Unknown