Painting "Glacier Legacy" by Jonathon Earl Bowser copyright.
(Yosemite National Park, California)
This is a sample of some of the beautiful artwork that I've been
given permission to use for web graphics for you.  Please, visit
the artist's web site to see more of their fine work.

Graphics in this section may only be used if you meet
the following conditions as set down by the artists:

1. Graphics must only be used for personal web pages.   Commercial web sites may not use these graphics.
2. Graphics may only be used on child safe web sites that promote family values.  Sites containing pornography, hate, racism, violence, cruelty to animals, etc. may NOT use these graphics or any of my graphics on my site.
3. A link to this site is required on each page where my graphics are used.  Placing a link on your "links" page only is not acceptable.
4. Do not link directly to these graphics.  You may not offer them in your collections or sell them.  Copyright belongs to the artists.
5. ALL artwork: copyright by the artist, all rights reserved.
6.  You must place the title of the artwork, artist's name, and a link to the artist's web site on the same page where the graphics are used. Placing a link on your "links" page only is not acceptable. 
7.  The same rules apply to the work of the photographers.


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Permission note for use of artwork.