"He brought me forth also into a large place: he delivered me, because he delighted in me." (2 Samuel 22:20)

Christian Hope Network

Dear Friend,

How are you? Trusting that all is well with you and your loved ones. We are all fine, and enjoying the long lazy summer days. Ministry is going forth with evangelistic teams going into the parks to pray with people and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are following up with phone calls and letters, offering the people the opportunity to call our Hope Connection prayer line and learn more about Jesus. Our phones have been unusually busy this season, as people are growing hungry for more of God. We are in a new season and a new time, where the Holy Spirit is drawing people closer and closer to Jesus. Revival waves are flowing through the streets, and Living Water is soaking those who will respond. Fresh streams of water are available to those who are thirsty for more of Jesus. He is pouring Himself out to whoever is listening and making ready for Him to come. Are you ready? Are you ready to dive in?

The Word today is to "get ready." Make yourself ready with oil in your lamp. You have a calling on your life. Jesus teaches us in the story about the ten virgins, five who were wise, and five foolish that we are to be ready at all times for His coming. The virgins were all saved, they all had ministries (lamps) but only five were ready for His coming. The wisdom of the virgins consists of their taking a supply of oil in vessels, in addition to the oil already in their lamps. They had the anointing, as well as a passion for Jesus. They could not give it away because each person has to have his own anointing and passion for Jesus. We cannot do it for our husband or wife. Our children will need it themselves. No person can hang on to our coat tails for favor when Jesus returns. The midnight hour is coming. Jesus wants us whole hearted, a bride who totally adores Him. He is passionate in His love for us, and He wants us to be the same for Him. He delights in us. Are we radically, passionately, in love with Jesus as our Bridegroom? Do we have eyes only for Him? Or do we allow the distractions of this life to take us away? Have you found yourself yet to be in the place where you know you are in His will for your life, and you are walking in it? He is calling you to Himself. Are you listening?

Let us think of the things He has done, and is doing. He has delivered us from our enemy, and brought us to high places. He is our safety, our shield, our deliverer. No weapon that is formed against us can prosper! David says in 2nd Samuel 22:3 "The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence." Have you ever been caught in a blinding snowstorm? The wind is roaring, the spray of sleet and snow with dangerous and slippery ice made you long for a nice warm house with a cup of hot chocolate. You couldn't see which way to walk to try to get home. You feel raw and exposed, tossed and turned into other people or objects unseen. But somehow you made it home. You see the lights on in the house, and you make your way to the warmth and comfort it provides. Suddenly you are inside, your wet clothes are tossed aside, and you are in your robe and slippers sipping that hot chocolate. You have peace and warmth. The next morning you see the snow on the branches of the trees with the sunlight shining on it dazzling you with it's glitter, and it looks so pretty. The very God who brings beauty out of blizzards promises to bring peace after the storm. When the beauty dawns, you can hardly remember the fright of that storm. There probably have been many storms in your life. Perhaps you are going through one now. The God who brought you out of the other storms will bring you out of this one, too! He is faithful, and His Word is true. He will never forsake you. He loves you with an everlasting love. He is your Bridegroom! He wants to cover you with His kisses. "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine." (Song of Solomon 1:2).

Let Him take you into His secret places. Enter your prayer closet, and draw near to Him. Seek Him passionately! Let nothing stand in your way. Having a love affair with one's own wife or husband takes time, and should encompass a lifetime. When a couple celebrates 50 years of marriage it is a glorious success. What a treasure it is to have a life filled with memories of a long marriage between two people totally committed to one another. Those who have made it are worthy of our sincerest honor. Making it this far took courage, perseverance, and hard work. It did not come easy. Our relationship with Jesus is the same. It takes total commitment. If we want more of Him, we have to be willing to go the distance. We have to be willing to work at it. Very early in my Christian walk, I was taught by my mentor that God will not reveal Himself to a casual inquirer.

He loves us with a passion, and doesn't He certainly deserve that from us? He has given us His Word, saved us, delivered us, set us free from the enemy, given us right standing before God, made us to be co-heirs with Him in everything, victory in every circumstance, joy and peace that the world cannot take away, healing in our body, and heaven as our home! Glory!!

Today, make your commitment to Him. Commit to spend more time with Him, to get to know Him more. He says if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. Let us get more oil for our lamp. Let us walk in our calling under His anointing and with passion for Him. Let us not be shy in witnessing of His love and forgiveness. Let every trip to the supermarket or to the mall be an opportunity to speak of His love and passion for us. I was recently in a nail salon waiting for my appointment, and a woman sat next to me. We began to talk, and she told me that she had a stroke, and told me the circumstances of how her son's friend called her on the phone simply to talk just when it was happening. I was able to encourage her with the thought that it was God who told him to call, and how Jesus wanted her to know that she was loved and cared for. We had a glorious conversation! Set your mind today to allow God to use your circumstances to bring glory to Him.

Be ready with oil in your lamp.

God bless you.

In His Service,

Rev. Barbara Anne Yovino

Used with permission: Copyright Rev. Barbara A. Yovino all rights reserved.
Rev. Yovino is the director of Christian Hope Network.  Please, visit their web site: http://www.CHN.cc.