All That He Is

The Beginning, the Alpha, and the First,
Flowing rivers of life to those who thirst.
LORD GOD the Sovereign Creator,
Who became our one and only Mediator.
JESUS CHRIST our Saviour,
Who changes our behavior.
GOD with us,
Immanuel-the Child JESUS.
The Word that became flesh,
And made HIS glory fresh.
The Precious Lamb,
And the Great I AM!
Oh, the Shepherd of HIS flock,
Who is our spiritual Rock.
Obedient Servant,
Endowed with power to be so fervent.
Chief Cornerstone,
Rejected, and all alone.
Faithful and True,
Just and Righteous too.
Anointed ONE,
Who said, "It is finished!" and it was done.
Beloved Son,
Through whom we've won.
Almighty GOD we do so adore,
HE's our Wonderful Counselor.
Prince of Peace
And our fears do cease.
KING of Kings,
New life and hope HE brings.
LORD of lords,
Your Word is my sword.
Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
Our Gracious Glorious Heavenly Host.
The Everlasting Light,
His glory shines ever so bright.
The End, the Omega, the Last,
Who makes our sins a thing of the past,
But our sins HE remembers no more,
It is our Beloved LORD and Saviour we do so adore!!!

Author Unknown